Our Story

Hello, Olá, I'm Sara :)

With Brazilian and Swedish heritage, I've always felt a strong connection to both cultures. Throughout my life, I've had the luck of experiencing and learning from the traditions of both countries, which has enriched my worldview and shaped who I am today.

- the blend of Swedish and Brazilian influences - 

I believe that skincare and beauty items for yourself, your bathroom, and your house are tools that can uplift your energy, bring you joy, and express who you are. The idea of combining these two countries sounds like the perfect match. Sweden is a minimalist country famous for beautiful design and multifunctionality, where having a nice cozy house is so important to bring people joy. Sustainability, local products, and handcraft traditions are incredibly valuable. Brazil is the place of high energy, good vibes, color, and samba, where nature is dense and rich. There are so many possibilities, and you always feel like there's something new to discover.

These two countries are definitely the perfect match when it comes to creating a beauty brand, and I am so glad I did it.


Thank you for joining us.

xx, Sara